since i feel flyin while i swim, this sport has successfully made me addicted to it. it feels as if i’m taking a marijuana.’s true.i do not make up this. the fresh feelin after swim…u guys should try it sumtime.

i did swim when i was @ school. college stuff n the very high price(fu me) of the enterin ticket of the pool made me forget my addiction.

i do swim again lately. i found a very comfort pool. n there isn’t fee at all. i don’t know whether it’s against law or not but i do enjoy it.i swim @ a rasuna apartement facility indeed i have never lived there. i have a really kind friend that let me use his authority to use the facility. pretending i’m his fam or guest. i have the password for 7th tower. i come in through that tower. my friend is in #6.the pool is on the 4th floor. the 4th floor is kinda exeeded floor. it can be reach by almost all of the towers.

there r 2 pool avail. i like the aston better.dunno…it’s just more comfortable fu me to swim there.


2 thoughts on “berenang

  1. guci says:

    looks like a task for english subject in school pik hehehe
    keep writing baby …

    may i join to swim with you?

  2. i guess u’r rite jan…
    aneh ya tulisankuw…
    keep comment ya…

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