the last drop has vaporised

tick tock…tick tock…

estimating my time for my love to vaporized completely

and comparing, is it gonna be gone at the minute safety team can make a response

if not longer than the time adjusted, my speculation is I need to relief it maximumly some how, either wetted or unwetted of me by love

if more, so I need to check my anxiety

my anxiety is the burden that I assumed it caused by the external fire he gave me though I know my assumption is totally crap

yes I know

if it is more than the set anxiety I should feel, than I need to find out how much i should give it away

if less, i’m fine. nothin gonna rupture me

that’s it!

if only love can be measured when, how, why, will the last drop flash, I am gonna be the first who will attend the training of the software, and what I only need is LRV (Love Relief Valve)

I can be safe!

~even my last drop has vaporised, and my anxiety even above than the set point, i can figure out how am i gonna rescue me~


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