let’s find an anolog of life

life is like a box of chocolate. u’ll never know what will u get. -> said by forrest gump.

life is like a river. its flow forward, never backward. but sometimes there are turbids or chaos or stones that stop the stream. it’s normal as long as your life is not like the ciliwung which has many garbages in it. o my goat! it is so stinky.

life is like a garden. if you water the flower, it will grow beautifully. but if you leave it just it, it will turn week, and then dead.

life of lack motivation is like an old man who has a willing. to catch his dream he need to strugle. but dynamic life is like a baby who cries loudly to get a candy, yeah! for just a candy!

my life turns borring. and my smile turns into tears. but my life keep go on no mather how much tears and how bored it takes…

how waz urs?


4 thoughts on “let’s find an anolog of life

  1. monyet says:

    idem pik…

  2. narasyubidab says:

    my life??
    so far so fuckin great…
    btw, aku baru aja divonis punya penyakit “psikolabil n ketegangan jiwa”
    wlpn aku ga ngerasa gitu, tp hasil EEG (rekam otak)-ku berkata demikian..
    kata dokter itu ga bisa diboongin…
    mungkin itu juga yg mendasari smua kejadian2 ameh di hidupku…

  3. gigigig…

    pantesan…. ckckckckc… ;p

    btw doain aku ma citra ke south africa within this year… bok… it’s been so boring sitting in the cubicle only for blogging and stuffs…

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