some bodeh asked me…

“apa sih artinya love untuk kamu?” in a very serious sound.

well it’s a quite confusing question fu me. as confusing as “apa arti hidup buatmu?” or “apa sebenernya yang kamu cari dr hidup?”

takes 25 year just to answer the question uncompletely and unreliably.

so after being asked that way, i could only smile, kept silence and try to find a humorous answer. though i couldn’t, and i finally try to take it seriously.

the person who asked me replied…

“for me LOVE is CINTA… segera hadir di bioskop2 kesayangan anda…”

!#$@#%$#@%$!!!! SAMBEL ABC!!!!!!!

well,…after seeing the muvi, i think LOVE rate is 1 level rite after AADC. the best indo muvi that i’ve seen till 2 day is GIE. it was fabulous, though i saw it on DVD form in my native *rental’s*. gigigig… i couldn’t afford to buy the ticket while it was on cinema, and i couldn’t afford to buy the original DVD one. gigigig piss… 🙂

my next target is Ayat-ayat Cinta… by Hanung Bramantyo. I do hope i don’t have to see it alone… 😦


3 thoughts on “

  1. monyet says:

    Prepare 2 get disappointed…
    they said AAC is not “that good”….
    AAC sendiri menurut aku…
    fiksi…one hell of bed time story…
    fahri = clark kent = superman….

    but i prefer clark kent, he’s vulnerable on kryptonite…

    btw, ta doa’in bisa nyampe ke afro dech…
    hopefully it’s gonna be a meaningful journey…
    amin amin amin…

  2. upiek says:


    gue belum baca novelnya … 🙂

    kalo pun jelek… ya sud… toh indo muvi emg gak jelas gitu…

    amiiin amiiin amiin…

  3. guciano says:

    bagus kok … bagus
    rianti ama Maria-nya cakep
    nonton donk Pik … jangan omdo hehehe …

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