masih masalah kamar mandi

this is a story of a few days ago. while i was taking wudlu in the restroom.

there was somebody from the so called RES dept, the name is S. S came in the the restroom and suddenlly found me with one of my feet was on the wastafel, and the other was on the floor with a water pool under my feet.

water, and i was taking water. it’s just a perfect evidence to accuse me that i am the one who cause the water pool. DAMN!

and then what happened next is just like what i thought, she started accusing me. and she called the office lady to clean up the messy, and said that she would provide us a basket so we don’t have to spill the water every where and make a pool.

DAMN! why should i be there at that moment with the water pool, with one of my feet was on the wastafel.

the truth was, it wasn’t me who caused the water pool


3 thoughts on “masih masalah kamar mandi

  1. citz_ says:

    “the truth was, it was me who caused the water pool”
    piye tooh? jere duduk awakmu, la kok saiki ngaku?…

  2. guciano says:

    iya nih si upiek
    ternyata pelaku kebejatan di toilet selama ini elo Piek
    jgn2 lo lagi yg sering buang hajat gak disiram
    jangan2 elo yg kentut di mobil tapi gak bilang2
    jgn2 elo cewek yg kakinya paling bau di dunia
    hehehe …

  3. emg…
    trus kenapa?

    ya iya lah
    paling bauk sedunia…

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