~office, with Mrs. M~

~office, w Mrs. M, afternoon~

I was shocked by the email of the itinerary of my flight to indo. first, it was wrong city. I want it to be surabaya, but they booked me to Jakarta!!!!! wadehek wadehek…

another thing that shoked me even more, is they booked me with malaysian airline. not singapore airline as they promised me i can use. citra’s flight is singapore airline, cause she use the ticket that Jakarta office gave us.

the thing was the manager had promised me that i will get the same flight till singapore, and from sinapore i will go to Surabaya.

I hate it. i hate it. I hate it.

i went to her rite away. with the others. questioning why? why? why? eee.. instead having a nice explanation more over appologies, we got stung. what a hard woman.

“who are you? there is no way you get the expensive one! you could only get the cheap one”

*dumbfounded, did i do something wrong?*


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