indonesian food

yesterday, we hold such a small party in fountain hill, our B&B. we cooked indonesian food, such as nasi kuning, rendang, perkedel jagung dan kentang, sambel kecap, ayam goreng, mihun goreng, with limited raw and limited tools. GOSH! it were two hectic days.

fortunate for us, we were coping. so we can have all the menu done, and delicious (in my opinion). though, I was scared to death it wont make on their tongue (it was all new for them).

we invite carinee (but she can not come) and BF, arusha and BF (she came after made a joke to me, that she was on the way to pretoria, at the last minute we waited her), erich, and theko :).

it was a nice lunch, ended with pool. Jas, arusha’s BF is the best. then theko, then erich, then us, well, i am the very last. hiks. and took pics of course.




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