in the middle of hectic day

me:”have you got my email?”

he:”what? what email? which one?”

me:”well, have a quick check, and tell me” *pushing his back to get close to his desk*

~he sounded as if he has not got the email~

he:”what? do you need me to reply it?”

me:”no! cause i’m here man.”

~i sounded as if i did not need his reply.that’s what woman do, rite?~

apparently, after i reach his desk, my email is on his comp window. watdehek? got what i mean?

and he didn’t need to much time to answer my question in the email. ow…ow…ow…

my email was about to ask him to join us watch a movie. he has actually hang the decision whether he would come or not since 2 days ago. *seems he would like to go join, but he thought he couldn’t make it due to his hectic schedule*. fyi, he has his master, he has sports life and work for 50 hours a week. so at that time, he immediately said he could not join us. and i said… “cucian de lo” 🙂

but… he stop me, and said “hey… when you guys leaving back?”

me: “4th of July”

he: “hey! we still have another tuesday. why don’t we go for Kungfu Panda man?”

me: “i don’t know. i need to go ask my friends about this”

~uuu… ~

citra’s comment:”would it make him turn his face to you?”


carinee comment:”he’s lying it means he’s bad person. what else?”

arusha comment:”oooo….”

my comment:”let sie…ooops let see…”





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