my holidays #3 my trip back to SA

my flight back to SA was a common flight. i flew with malaysian airline, so i have to stopped by in malaysia. it’s a nice airport.

but while i checked in, there’s a lil trouble… they said my flight is being canceled. how come? it’s only my flight… then they cheked me in again… solved but after that came other problems. my boarding pass can’t be printed. how come? after waiting for a while, they were about giving me the printed boarding pass… vada… they find a way to print it somehow. but after that… come a so called lucky problem.

somehow… by mistake they upgraded my flight to first class ticket… awe awe awe…

but… again… they solve it. they don’t want to be burdened with the bill upgrading my flight.

and all the problems took more than 2 hours to be solved. and i’m end up same as before. ooopss… nooo… my status now is “an almost first class girl”… uuu… it’s always better almost than nothing, rite?


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