my holidays 4# my baggage

back to indo i carried more than 30kg things. but i only checked in 25 kg, since 1 kg excess (from 25) will be charged 350R (more than IDR400,000). and we didn’t have any cash, and the atm was having a problem on giving us money. CHILLIES!!!

so i carried my excess to the cabin. most of the stuff are souvenirs that i will give to others in my home. and my clothes with the suitcase was only 15kg. i thought i will be back empty and lite.

i was wrong. cause i did shop… and made me carried another almost 30kg things. i knew.. i love my self.

i brought food raw, indo spices that i can’t get here.

5 bottles tomato sauce, 5 bottles chilli sauces, some soy sauces, some terasi, some dried mushrooms, few palm sugars and more stuffs, … and the best part is cobek = crusher!!!! it felt like as if i would be able to live 3 thousand months more by the stuffs…

and now i ended up realize that i forgot to buy more stuffs… sniffsss… sobs… cry…





2 thoughts on “my holidays 4# my baggage

  1. Tuckcool says:

    balik ke SA nggak sekalian bw wajan??? hehheee

  2. wajan SA jauh lebih ijo …
    kan wajan tetangga selalu tampak lebih hijau…

    tapi tidak berlaku di cobek… karena gak ada yg masih doyan pake cobek.

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