Lada vs Skoda


the book,… A short history of tractors in Ukrainian (i don’t know why authors ever think to give that  such a long title to his/her book… it’s totally put the reviewer in to trouble. lesson learned).

back to the laptop…

i found these following facts through the book…

1.  there is a city called ternopil in ukraine… and googling it… and found this pics from a blog  it’s gorgeous.

2.  botticelli venus… and after googling, i found that botticelli is the artist of “the birth of venus”, which depicts the goddess venus.

3. Lada and Skoda.

lada is a domestic car name that produced on VAZ factory (Volshskij Auto Factory). Before, it was named as “Juguli” – name of the mountain on the river Volga where VAZ located.

pics from

and skoda is Czech automaker, now it is part of Volkswagen Auto Group. Has been building cars for over a hundred years. Despite the poor build quality (during latter half of the 20th century), skoda has been transformed by VW AG into the producer of some of the most reliable cars in the world, with an excellent dealer network to match. wwawawa… skoda also being used as police car in somewhere…



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