conversation of the weekend

having said we went to pretoria this weekend in prev posting, we also went to laudium just to have a piece of meet…

in laudium, we went to a mosque. which lies in the centre of laudium. and in the mosque we are confused to death. there is no direction no sign no one inside, so we had to make assumption on which restroom was the ladies restroom. since there is no standing pee toilet, we assumed the first restroom is for woman. gigigigig..

so (man) : ” what are you doing in man restroom?”

afterseeing me inside and wearing no scarf.

me: “ow… we didn’t know that this is for man”

he: ” well we r u from?”

me: “indonesia” *sukurin lu*

he: “this place is called mosque…

* well duh… of course i know. even indo’s non moslem will know*

me: “yeah i know. could you please just tell me where the ladies restroom is?”

he: “there…” pointing a place.


i’ve got this conversation somehow, i forgot. and it might not complete or accurate. but similar…

girl: “i luv u”

boy: “ow… thanks”

*what i’m highlighting is…  luving is not giving something that u can just say thanks to reply the saying… it will make it heard as one way direction. and stopped there. though you have said ‘thanks’ deeply.*






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