i’m not feeling well to day…

sniffs… it makes me feel even more homesick… i missed my mom who will hug me till i pass my fever…

this morning, i felt much better, and now the nuscious is gone.

thanks to mbak ana and fauzan who gave me half of their veggie, i can have my lunch without an obligation cooking before eating.

and thanks to natalie, who was being the most friendly B&B owner and came to my room with a buch of med. *and acknoledged me that, here also have immodium, panado (panadol). is it because of the trandmark issue? i’m not in capability to explain that*

and i think the vomiting feeling that i told you it’s already gone, i think,it’s because one of nat’s med, which one, am not really sure about that.

i missed my office. being alone in the room, without things that i used to do is such an unpleasant way of killing time. i missed all, arusha’s funny2 act, carinee’s wise act, yuliana that i use to stopby to her cubicle just to say unimportant thing, fauzan that suddenly appears behind me and make me shocks almost all the time, taufik’s tricky face(hehehe…piss mas, piss), miss my new baby boss who always come to my cubicle, checking that i’m doing what he tells me to do and tells me not to do waste thing.

and i skipped the HAZOP meeting, that supposed to be hold by today. and my big boss have to come to FH, just to take the docs related.

since i slept to much last nite, think that’s the cause that i can’t easily sleep now. so i do trying to make a this posting.

see ya soon, guys…




2 thoughts on “ill

  1. citz_ says:

    sakit opo to ndukk??
    ayem sori, drg sempet bales sms, soale lg turu, trus sempet moco kr kiyip2 trus lali, heuheu..alesan yo..
    ndang warass…pasti bisa, don’t spoil the sick

    oia, new baby boss sopo? erich tah?
    emg uda ada lead baru?

  2. hihihi

    diperlakukan demikian sudah biasa
    new baby bossku saiki michael…
    kan HAZOPe wes mari

    kalo lead baru masih belum, tapi ada senior baru nih. uayu pisan. lungguhe nang bekas nggonmu cit.

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