remember i told you, i was ill at thursday, that made me off from office? and remember i told you that i had felt better?

well, my body temperature went up not so long after that and rite before all of my friends came home. so i felt it is important to check it to a doctor, it might ended up another of my exaggeration but atleast i know exactly how am i doing.

per recommendation of someone in our SA office, i finally went to SANDTON MEDI CLINIC. it came to our mind that there is a probability that the clinic open only till 7 as the mall… hihihi… but in fact they are not at the same management with the mall management. 😉

firstly we got lost in a building which only got specialist there… *they got plastic surgeon specialist as well, think that might what i need for my fever, huh?that i might get my fever caused by my depression of my face?*

and they don’t have any GP! thought we all had smell the smell of professionalism, of expensive service. oh gosh! can we just go out of here?

we finally decided we were in the middle of wrong building. so we decided to ask someone. they pointed to a ICU. k,

they needed me to fill in a form, and while i filled it in, the recepcionist said, min payment is 455R.

i did tried to stay calm and made my face looked like i-have-the-money-man,-relax face. but i can’t stop thingking, it means, i can go beyong that? ok, better it’s not just an ordinary fever, or better you finish my fever immediately…cause i have to pay that much!

the recepcionist called my name and asking, what was wrong with me, i explained to him. i got fever. and he laughed!

he: “go home! take all your jackets and jerseys off your body. don’t be spoil”

me *stunned there like a dumb* ” are you serious?”

he: “hey, i am working in a hospital, i can’t be joking. of course i’m serious”

me: “so i’m okay? means it can’t be like a serious malaria?”

he: ” well i can’t tell you of that, but you said you got fever, the only thing that can fight your fever is your body imune system. it’s just the best in the world med”

me: “ow, so…”

he: “ok, if u’r not feel comfort with that, you can see a doctor, and you can have a blod test, so you will sure you are ok, or not.”

then i’m officially injected by neddles. god, injected is the last thing i ever wanted to have. and believe or not, that was my first experience of ICU, first experience of hospital, first experience and without my mom there… sniffs… miss her so much.




2 thoughts on “hospital

  1. anto says:

    halo upiek udah sembuh ?
    ternyata kamu lebih percaya dokter LN dr DN. di Indonesia perasaan kamu lebih percaya tukang pijet atau tukang kerokan dari pada ke dokter kan. hehehehe..
    mungkin kamu kalau bilang demam ke dokter DN langsung dikasih obat 12 macam. terlepas kamu sakit bener atau gak.(pengalaman di dokter paiton hehehe…)
    sekarang bagaimana kondisimu? nggak masuk berapa hari?

  2. hihihihi…
    disini gak ada yg ngerokin si tok…

    sekarang si alhamdulillah… baikan… sisa mag-nya doang.
    sempet gak masuk 2 hari tok.

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