i lost my pendant recently, if you asked (just in case) i don’t know where did i leave it and i totally forgot when is the last time i remember it was still on my neck.

but the chain was still there. i don’t know how long it’s been hanging without the pendant.

well it’s okay, it’s just another phase of my life that i have to give away what i’ve got.

I’ve got a pic that i think quite expressing my life lately. i have got the pic (giggles, piss) from a blog named stickgal that i do like very much.

the title of the posting is time to let go….

and alone again



aren’t they cute?

i have seen slasher movies lately. blood is every where.


:mrgreen: suicide club, oh gosh i suggest you not to watch it if you can’t see a movie such “saw”

:mrgreen: english version of shutter, i think this movie is not as good as the thailand version

:mrgreen: bionic woman, it’s quite nice though.

and lately i have finished my that 70 show session four … 😆 i have never got enough of this movie.


10 thoughts on “hihihi…

  1. dhany says:

    the pick is you..??

  2. santi says:

    Tulisan ringan, tapi pesan yang disampaikan dalem banget, Piek…
    Pemilihan gambarnya juga pas.

  3. @dhany,
    no of course not me. it represent the owner of the blog life i guess.

    iya uni…
    si neneng menggambarkannya dengan tepat menurut saya…

  4. dhany says:

    Novi kah..???
    ah lupa kale…. kalo pulang ke B6

  5. hihihi
    ini novi…
    putrinya Pak dan Bu Muchamad

    Pak dhany ini yang mana yah?
    lupa saya…
    maap Pak.

  6. dhany says:

    udah sehat khan..?
    waktu kamu di Perum C sering maen ke rumahmu
    kalau tante Elok inget.?? sekarang di K4L nemenin mami

  7. dhany says:

    mami minta download poto situ
    kemaren pesan ke tante elok

  8. masak sih?

    kok mama mintanya ke pak dhany?
    napa bukan kesaya ajah…??? 🙂

  9. dhany says:

    eeee… kalau ke situ bukanya ke warnet apa..??

  10. hihihi…
    iyah yah…

    makasih pak…

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