ramadhan #4

last night we cooked BAKSO IKAN (fish meat ball). luv luv luv luv luv… well it tasted good, but it would be better i guess, if we add more salt and more pepper. none of us willing to go to the kitchen to grab ’em. grool huh?

the fish meat ball, we found it at china store, near by bright water common, randburg. it’s just an amazing store. it has pak choy, and sawi (green veg), it also has tofu (indonesian tofu, not the sutra tofu (Japan tofu)), ting ting jahe (ginger candy) made in indonesia sing biasa di dol nang terminal2… hihihihi… and a lot more. nori, wasabi, ginger pickle, they just don’t have sweet soy sauce. hihihihi…



2 thoughts on “ramadhan #4

  1. dhany says:

    ndak kangen terawih di Ar-rahmah mbak..??

  2. beu beu beu…
    paling ngangeni sedunia kalo sedang Ramadhan tu Pak, teraweh di Ar-Rahmah, sama satu lagi… buka puasa dirumah…

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