adega seafood

when it comes before PART B, then it should be PART A. hehehe… last nite, wine, beer, nice food, joy and laugh were brought on the table. lovely.

adega resto…a portugese resto. as a starter, sushi (???) yeah. and some other ordered pan fried calamary. the sushi quite nice, but LARANG! after the starter then come the main, i ordered crab curry ala portugese. while ordering, i thought i would like to have something special, instead of pan fried, or grilled prawn. it’s just a common seafood. it came to mind to try codfish, but, i don’t know why, i took the crab curry.

crab curry is nice. if you’re not coming with not-your-close friend. cause it took effort to be eaten, neatly and fastly. GROOL! it just made me to be waited by people for a quite long time to finish my crab. using hands which is not neat…

desert also nice… MONK’S KISSES… italian ice cream… though it’s a common ice cream, but i like how they served it, and how they called it.

thanks all. for the time, for the hospitality, for the love, for the lesson to be learned, for everything.


5 thoughts on “adega seafood

  1. citz_ says:

    huhuuu..senangnyaa..ada afrewell pasrty ya?? eh pik, upload foto2ne pisan po’o..

  2. hihihi…
    iya cit…
    foto2 menyusul yak…
    sibuk banget soalnya

  3. Abang Taufiq says:


    Upiiiek, welcome back!

    Ek verlang naar jy

  4. dhany says:

    mudik neng…
    udah mo lebaran nih
    nggak kangen ama mami-papi ??
    atao ama si buyung

  5. hihihi…
    kangen atuh pak…
    makanya lebaran insya allah pulang.
    tapi gak ke leces.
    ke surabaya, soalnya mama sama papa ke sana.
    sayangnya buyung gak pulang pak.
    masih belum dapet jatah cuti, pak.
    kassian buyung… hihihi…

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