bebal vs bego…another rasionalisasi??? we’ll see

i have a new theory. theory of life, if i can say that.

people do make mistakes… they say if you do it more than one, you are stupid. indonesian term is like a donkey. IDIOT!

meaning here: if you’ve done a particular mistake (you realized or regret that you’ve done the mistake) in the past, but you kinda repeating it on present or future and mostly you do it not on purposely, cause you lack of awareness at the second moment. and of course, you regret it again, after you do it, since we call it mistake and you have regreted it before. so we can assume you are CHEESE CAKE(SA slang for idiot)!

what if he is bebal (i don’t know the english term)? what’s the diff between bebal and stupid (related to repeating making mistake)?

bebal here is if you insist (in a bad way, i guess) to do something either rite or wrong, that might break the rule, or being forbidden by someone or somebody. that’s bebal.

if you know that it is forbidden, and you insist to do it, or to have it, or anything, it means you are bebal. are you stupid? i don’t think it has to do with the donkey stupidity? he or she might know it cause him or her risks, but he/she willing to take the risk or at least he/she take the chance to have a gut to get something beneath the risk. i’m going to highlite the term “take the chance to have a gut to get something beneath the risk”.

repeating mistake might be caused by the stupidity. but it might also be caused by the bebal, rite? what’s the diff now???

repeating the mistake by stupidity will lead to a deep regretion, why? cause you have experienced the regretion, but you didn’t learn from that. so you will regret it even more. rite?

on the other side, for bebal, you know exactly the risk so you know what you may get if you  insist. if only you eventually regret the risk more than before cause you might regret your bebaltion, it’s just nothing to do with donkey stupidity, i guess. but i might wrong.

yup, this is my new theory. the theory is, for me bebaltion is legal. but stupidity is non legal. it is not accepted.

ok. you may stupid cause you bebal. but no one really that smart on life rite? it might take 2 times to get your lesson from mistakes, sometimes more. but if you have got your lesson, still you do the second time, cause by the lack of awareness, that’s stupid!

someone, like me, might needs two time of regretions, just to make my self sure, that IT IS CALLED MISTAKE. sometimes i didn’t agree at the very first time till the second time before regretion, that IT IS MISTAKE. and sometimes, i found that it might not MISTAKE, which is stupid, i know. i might thought that it may just other people’s excuse  of something called give up. and i don’t give up on anything.

and that’s why i said bebal is accepted and legal on my world. but ilegal or unaccepted doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen on life rite. as i said before, there’s no such a smartass person in the world.

~one who regret that during my bebalation time, i might doing donkey stupidity~


2 thoughts on “bebal vs bego…another rasionalisasi??? we’ll see

  1. Bang T says:

    Bebal = stubborn?

  2. mmm… iya kah?
    bebal = tambeng… sudah dibilangin berkali2 masih juga diulang-ulang…

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