“lg ngapain lo??”

before we have the god-bless-the-inventor technology, called mobile phone and wirelesss, we used to greet first and asking how are we doing if call someone…then we ask whether we can speak to the one. we normally dont ask where is he now, since the phone is sticked in a certain place.

but now… almost all has mobile phone. so we know who will pick the phone. most of time if we call someone that close to us, we directly speak out what’s the need. most of time, we ask where or what is or he doing while or before we call.

i used to answer honestly. then i used to answer what i want. but lately… i use to answer “ada deh…”

y? dont know. just wanna do that. either i am doing nothing, or doing something that lies under my private zone. that i wanna keep it as private as it has to be. but i dont do that always… just while i wanna…


One thought on ““lg ngapain lo??”

  1. andri says:

    lg ngapain lo pik?

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