what r we gonna do?

pasca south africa, i admitted i have to do some ajustment. dont wanna to brag my self or south africa. infact, i luv both. but both are diff. so that’s y, after 6 months there, i need to adjust with the custom here.

such as, i have to go home at 5 now. though i have no job. yup. after go home i got the sindrome of what-am-gonna-do.

go find something to be eat, ok… will i eat at the resto, or i take it home, and eat it at home, ok. take it. what am gonna do after that? or ok, i eat there, so what am gonna do after that. and this affect my money policy as well. since everything is needing money… and i didnt get allowance for that anymore.

last nite i used taxi and saw movie. since it’s quite close, i walked home after i finished the movie.

and before, i walked thousands mile (exagerrate) to find a rental of telkom phone. if that was my old me, i wont do that. but it was the DFN of me. so i did it.

before, i accompanied ojan just to have daily needs.

and before, i walked to a quite far resto.

and i think it will get worse after may, if my roommate marry… i will be lonely.


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