body of lies

hihihi…several days ago… at nite, i was about to do f***ing nothing, just wanna walk outside my room…

but i have nothing to be done. thank god it suddenly popped up in mind the idea to pick up my laundry, the big jacket. so i walked to the laundrette. only then i remembered after i reached the place that i didnt bring the bill. gosh!

but, they havent got it finished anyway. so… back to me, dumb founded, looking for thing to be done outside, cheap, and enjoyable. think thank think thank, voila, it popped up the idea of watching movie, near my boarding house. it’s only like 5R = 5500Rp, by taxi, or by ojek. and the movie it self, cost me another 15000Rp=15R. hihihi, and i couldnt stand not to buy ice cream, another 22000Rp=22R. hihihi… piss!

a very nice time to have… yup it was. and i will never ever forget about it.

it was the “body of lies”. nice. the main idea to put  terrorism-by-moslem issue as a background.  


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