let me outta here

last nite i got stuck in a conversation. a deep one. that i cant resist, cause it some kind of overloaded things of my mind that cant be forced to be packed inside safely.

last nite i was thinkin about things. that made me awake till late morning… i actually didnt know what were the things.

thing is, most of the time, we have things to be analyzed till we find the rite direction or way or anything…

i need time, space and friends just to calm me down, cause i am the one who has the answer. and i am the one who have to answer it. questioning things, wont make my problems go away. and analysing things wont make it even better. and discussing it with someone else seems only push me to a deeper confusion. but i seem need a discussion.



2 thoughts on “let me outta here

  1. citz_ says:

    seems dat you want someone to be discussed with, i’m available looooh..
    y wes..tenaaang, relaaax..tarik nafaaas..

  2. keluarkan…
    iyak ibuk…
    tarik nafas… relaaaaksss… tahan… keluarkan…
    ihhhiii yg belajar jadi ibu hamil rek…

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