something that we call effort…

last nite i had a deep conversation w a friend. she opened the discussion w the stupid vs stubborn or stupid vs patient topic.

as i have posted here… stupid is for a person who replay what so called mistake more than once. either the person knows already that it is a mistake or doesnt. most time because of her/his stupidity. and stubborn/patient is actually for a person who knows exactly what he/she will have if he/she insists to do mistakes. usually she/he has point of goal by keeping doing thing that he/she knows it might hurt him/her.

for the last issue, the stubborn or patient issue, we decided to call it “effort”, instead of two terms that having lil unpleasant connotation.

all people wanna be happy. “happy” here, what i mean is related to relationship of 2 kind of person. as an eastern, we define “happy” with love and commitment in an official way (marriage or engagement). and happy is having eternal flame of love in a success commitment.

and as we all know having both is a very exigent for all people. “love” here is loving and to be loved. so most of the times we used to force ourselves. for people who are outsider, almost all the time will think that we are forcing thing too much. that it doesnt go that smooth, but we keep trying.

that’s why sometimes outsider says we are stubborn, or we are stupid. but we ourselves think it is an excertion. a struggle to get what we call happiness.

so what with people judgement. do what you think is the best you can do to get it. make an excertion not just a try. be bold, be brave of facing mistakes, cause we can earn a lot from that. and please God to do the final decision.


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