citilink conversation

this conversation happened last sunday, while i was on a flight to jakarta back from surabaya. there are 2 person, male and female. the female was very fat, and high.



bok… pisuane, pdhl nang pswt

she:”dasar petugas bandara bego. ngerti gak si aisle tu apa??? kalo kayak gini ini trusan gimana cara masukkny.”

#i offered her to swap seat with me finally since i hate hearing her grumbling. and you know what, i actually kinda experienced the same w the laddy. i asked the front seat, they only gave me number 30! BOK! #


she:”ibu darimana?”

someone next to her:”dr sby”

she:”ooo. kalo saya sih dari tempat terkenal di Indonesia, paling terkenal malahan”

someone next to her:”oia? mana itu buk?”

she:”lah gimana si ibuk ini… masak gak ngerti. tempat yg paling terkenal di indonesia… pulau.”

someone next to her:”iya. dimana itu buk?”


# ya… buk sapa juga si buk yg gak tahu… i was thingkin… i think someone who sat next to her only said that, only for playing a fool of herself instead of she really is a fool.#





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