my books are waiting

dunno y, it’s quite hard to get a time just to sit/or being at home, doin f#*king nothing.

i need a spare of my time to read the waiting-to-be read books. gosh i have a lot. cause i keep buying w nochance to read. hihihi or am the one who dont wanna provide the time? hihihihi
thing so…

the thing is i think today is my day to just sit. n read.i thing i’m gonna read laskar pelangi first, then sang pemimpi, then my english novels, then the moslem books…


One thought on “my books are waiting

  1. guciano says:

    c’mon … finish your books in this long weekend Piek (if you’re alone, not with ehm3 hehehe …)
    make a target Piek, several pages per day, one book per week
    see how wonderful you can make a progress
    good luck!!!

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