new year celebration

before the holidays went down into town, few friends of mine asked me how will i celebrate the new year eve. i could only said “praying and fasting probably” whilst praying to God, may God be kind to me giving me a brilliant idea how to celebrate without going out, without traffic jam, and without stayover in somebody’s place, but i have laugh, enjoyness, and cheeriness. i wanna be at home after but.

time went by, but still. i have no plan, PEOPLE!!!

hiks. today some of friends giving idea on spending nite at their place, cooking, but the fact is only 2 that could come, so it will be a borring idea. plus, my friends who will be the host are couple. they have married each other. so it might turn everything even worse. :(.

~while having a scary thought that my new year eve really does will end as a common day, and i will end up watching movie, and sleep even before midnite. OW MY BUTT!~



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