holy cow…

hihihihi… today’s the first day of the model review meeting. there’re gonna be 6-7 days…

people keep askin y would they pick me among people… i mean there are a lot of pipingers. y would they choose me???? hahahahaha… i guess it’s because they kinda tired of leaving me jobless any longer. since the pipieng also has fresh grad that also  huhuhuahuahuahuahuahua… i guess so…

over all the meeting is held in English since there are 2, among 4, expats. one is the PM, one is the piping advisor.

“holy cow…”

“holy crap…”



i hope there arent “DUT…” since dangdut is the music of my country, HALAH.

and i think he(the piping advisor)’s a quite patient person though. cause he’s saying them in a joking face. and once in a while we as indo who poor of awareness on English sentence without focusing to the person who speaking, he should even repeat 5 (FIVE) TIMES to call one of us. hihihihi… and he’s from UK with a typical england dialect. and the heavy voice which sometimes sounds like speaking under water blub blub blub.


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