my fasting

it wasnt appropriate telling about your stuff to be shown to people. but there was a story behind of my fasting today.

i am learning how to be patient. meaning here of temptation. that life is full of temptations. that in fact i am an easy to be tempted. the question is when will it stopped? when will i become a stonehead?

thing is : knowing that you cant stand of temptation.  knowing that you give everything up easily just because you are tempted. knowing that you easily failed to keep something, is even a bitter than knowing that you are no one.

being noone is relating with the result. that you get nothing after you tried. but giving up is failed on trying. though i can’t find the differences.

::LAPAR!!! eh LAPOR!!! gagal itu gak enak JENDERAL!!! bikin pengen nangis. dan yang lebih gak enak, JENDERAL, melaporkan kegagalan itu pada semua orang yg berharap kita tidak gagal::

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