today my boss sent me an email : me to catch up the assessment of my secondment to SA this year. they have given the feedback. my boss asked me to see it. and give comment on it. agree it, or disagree.

there was an unsatisfied feeling coming through for a while. but a… suddenly i remember a thing that a friend, a very best friend *thanks to be the ever-be-the-one-that-stand-by-next-to-me-for-whatever-i-am.*of mine has ever said “i dont wanna make to much effort… it’s just a wordly manner. that we dont live it forever. so y would we bother it? just be genuine, be sincere. give it away.” . finally the sentences kissed away all the dissatisfaction.

i’ve given all my life to it. i’ve tried as hard as i could. if then they thought i’m not as good as they want… and i failed it. it’s just a matter of the result. that i belive that Allah doesnt care of the result. He care of what i’ve done. and if i failed that… it’s another assessment that i have to take. that He would give the thorough feedback after all my secondment and assessment have been done. and i really do hope that i wont fail.

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