it’s just soo hard to be a good MAKMUM

gue gak kenal sapa gue hari ini (atau mgkn sejak beberapa mggu ini?). cewek yg ada di badan gue, the way she thinks, the way she acts is just sooo not me. sooooo i-dont-know-who-she-is. 

this girl, is more sweatsmallstuff-ing, easier to get annoyed by a complete strange person, easier to get upseted by people she used to know as a kind person. easier to give all up. dont really have any rule of life, the philosophy like i used to have. everything is going uncontrolled. her feeling is flying wildly.

her hunger of statisfaction and the fact that life wont be able to statisfy her all the time made her sometimes freaked out. and it’s not just a PMSing a big stuff. she did get upset to the small stuff.

please… send me back to my body… 😦


2 thoughts on “it’s just soo hard to be a good MAKMUM

  1. myela says:

    smw orang pst prnh dirinya kyk gtu kq mbk… cm qt aj yg ngrasax trllu brlbh-lbh an… ehm, mgkn trutma pas lg bnyk mslh. O ya mbk tny blog Q ya kmrn? sorry ya cz kmrn ga smpt ngenet… ehm buka aj mbk di, tp ga ad isix mbk… Q beda ga kyk mbk, yg sewng bgt nulis….

  2. hahaha…
    iyah… justru itu enaknya sedih…
    bahwa kita adalah pusat perhatian dari kesedihan kita sendiri…hahahaha…
    dan ada space waktu yg mgkn rasional untuk diberikan pada org sedih
    tapi emg bener kamu
    buat apa lama2 sedih?

    gak majalah mil…
    blog itu bukan untuk orng yg suka nulis.
    tapi untuk org yg suka mikir…
    dan otak gak semampu itu buat nyimpen semuanya

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