face memory test

“your eyes never lie to you. but your brain does.” -upieksanupiek-

hahahaha… THAT! i said it. i am a quotee (whatever you call the person whose statement was being quoted to be used as an inspirational sentence)… i am able to be put in the same level as other quotee… hahahaha…

i saw a very interested movie. it was all about face. how we recognized other face: starting from our eyes seeing face, the information will be given to the brain part of storaging faces, and this brain part will give the info to the other brain part to be matched with the emotion or the data you have as a background on memorizing the face; then how we build the face to expressed whats inside; and how important the face to face activity is.

then i did some browsing2… voila it lead me to this link.

and the result for me was



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