lonely, smses dan maret kita kumpul lagi, insya allah

yesterday i feel none. i lost my eager to do chemeng writing. i lost it somewhere. but not to do chemeng related activity is just felt-sooooo-wrong… ibarat orang bilang “mati gaya dah”. whatever. i just feel, nothing to do is just soooo… wrong. sooooo… dont know what to do, haha. i hate hate hate hate this!

rencananya kemaren tu mau ngegym, ikutan kelas taichi (been looking forward to attend it) but instead of taichi-ing… i went home. with a lonely feeling. wanted have a time for myself, but i couldnt. wes mboh.

i slept earlier. but doesnt feel so rite as well. and at late at nite, i woke up by sms. sooooo many sms. it was 6s. i opened one,

and it said : “kamu dah tidur yah? gpp dbaca besok, biar besok ada kerjaan...” and i get sleep without even opened the other 5. i save all for tommorrow.

huahahahahahahaha…separah itu kah?

other story, i’ve got a news, a good one, that my brother will be mutated to Jakarta Head Office. YAY! so i would be able to meet him more and more often… 

i’m thingkin to move in a small rented house outside jakarta to get use to live outside jakarta… dunno… any suggestion?

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