11 March

today is the second day of training… hehehehe and it went to a pizzu-hat-training… ha.ha. this past 3 weeks i did pizzu hat a lot. hihihiih… and always with the salad bar. and with the exaggerating on taking the salad, that left my stomach very full about to explode. ha.ha

PIZZU HAT… something that we picked up to call pizza time. since when, i forgot… and it’s quite particular for PIZZA HUT only… hehehehe…

about a year ago i was bored with the PIZZU HAT menu. and lead me to a further boring for the other pizza… then i met the spinach and feta configuration. i luv it. then my appetite to pizza came again.

recently i love doing this blogs visiting activity.


next posting may be, i will show ya what i have found…





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