those questions are s*ck. I barely answer them and better do “dududududu” everytime someone ask me the questions.

but then i came to a situation that i have to comeback to the questions and re-think to answer them. surely.

i will go to the #6 first. to be honest. i like experiencing things. but next, what for? you dont have to go to campus again just to experiencing the culture shock.

# , knowledge. it is soo true that we dont have to go to college just to learn something. i suggest dont. cause they will only give you books recommendation to be read. and you dont have to go to a college than. you make a friend that go to college, ask him/her what books they use, read it at home.

# , prestige? i’m not that person of prestige-for-living. though i admit i feel grateful having Bachelor Degree instead of graduate from a high school only.

# , recognition. the only recognition that i am looking for is the recognition from my children in the future. that he/she would proud enough to boost up his self esteem to grab the same degree at least. i would dare him/her to grab at least bachelor degree.

# , money? nope.

# , job after that? well, as i said indonesia is not the heaven for the Ph.D and Master holder. so why would i still trying to believe that i could grab a better job after that?

the real is, i am an OMDO person. I talk a lot but nothing ever become reality. i am bad at managing. even my money management is chaos. i am bad on sticking on rut/routinity. i am having lack of responsibility, even to my own business. i messed up my undergraduate phase, just doing cheating and leave from class. i am no one worse.

will this second chance of prooving that i am not as bad as i think be flew a way, of course if i could get the chance.

for truth, if my reason of taking master is not only the knowledge, but also to be a better person who could educate her self, i should go to

  1. a place of univ where quite far a way from home of origin,
  2. a place that i have no one to be count of.
  3. a univ where there are no cheating2.
  4. a univ that managing money would be a homework for me, though the money is not come from my own pocket.
  5. a place of new-culture shock. make me a cry baby. if you could. no you wont. i’ll cry as a woman. ha.ha.
  6. a place of i have to stand on my own feet, no back up, no second place to go.

for bonus come as first line, a diff place that would make me a better moslem.


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