kembung, dan snc


haha… baru dateng di kantor, feel the urge to post something. anything, haha.

last nite i went to the doctor eventually.

i am having ones surrounding me who are soooooooo taking care of me, that even myself sometimes dont care. hehehe… guys i love you. (tssshaaaah).

after being called by irma, my cruel, sexy, private nurse… hahaha… i used to call her, suster bici galak… ir, just wish u were a man. she reminds me to go to the doctor, she even offered me the ride and accompanion. waw! and my daddy dad also reminded me. and also kept pushing me.

funfact i found. rsj has the free wifi. good thing i brought laptop, but bad thing it only having half power. so finished it before i even could upload my veil version pic to my fb.

i havent told u bout this funfact. the fact of doctor teddy, doctor who taking care of me while i’m in hospital, he is a trendy person. smells nice and died hair, he’s nice. even at saturday, he dressed nicely.

somehow after out from the hospital, i got this thought. i wont drink all the drugs they gave me. except the most important. the antibiotics. i thought i dont want to burden my kidney with bunch of drugs.

doc teddy asked me how i feel after out. i said i’m fine, except the fact that i couldnt throw the gas inside of my stomach away and it kinda makes my stomach feels full. and i told him the fact that i didnt take the other med. then he laughed. he said, “that’s what the other drugs for. throwing the gas away”

he said “sok tahu si..” hehehe… the fact is if i use the pills, i might give load to my kidney, but if i dont, the gas might cause me typhus. so there i was. standing dumbfounded, picking the fact that i actually have just almost suffered my self to other illness. hahahahaha…

but i wasnt totally wrong. the nurse only said the most important pills were the antibiotics, and the nurse also didnt mention that the pills for the stomach was for throwing the gas away.


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