somehow i lost my appetite on any mall and stuffs but these (x)sml and alun2 store.

even zawo (baca:zara). hehehe.

last nite, i was at GI to prove my self. almost all stores that i used to stop by even just to window attending it, gosh, now i dont have any desire even only for staring at it. haha.

but i have heart for (x)sml, just known the fact that this store is www.biyan.com. waw. no wonder it always out the box. i hearted trousers(it supposed to be three quarter trousers, but they’re full trousers for me), they look cute on me. oops. i look cute in them. hehehehe… but it 330. what should do? buy or not?

irma said:

buy. cause for these trousers you buy the design. not the trousers. and they fit on me.

me said:

arrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhh! wannaaa but…


enough with the opinion, i wanna tell you fun fact about biyan.

biyan went to

  • Mueller and Sohn Privatmodeschule di Duesseldorf, Jerman (1977-1979)
  • London College of Fashion London, England (1983)
  • and he’d lived in europe for 11 years, before he finally decided to move back to indonesia.


    he was born in Surabaya.


    almost all the time biyan use pail (pucat maksudnya) color. he likes basic and natural color.

    *that makes me luv (x)sml sssooooo much*


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