fun fact of things that i heart but i know nothin bout them

i heart so much things. but the fact i know nothin bout them.

i heart (x)sml, i heart alun-alun, i heart motogp, i heart ibl basketball league, i heart engineering, i heart my

i wanna go with motogp first…

i heart max biaggi.

fun fact:

the realname is Massimiliano “Max” Biaggi, Italian, he actually interested to soccer more while he was achild. DUH???? it’s such a diff field. first time first was when he was 18th in 125cc, it was 1990 (at the age of 19). it’s one year after his birthday present of Aprilia RS125. waw. one year to become??? what a psy war. a year after he went up to 250cc. waw! attaboy.

Kyalami, South Africa was his first v on 250cc. waw! the fact is Kyalami was quite near by Fountain Hill. 1997 he went up tp 500cc. he has ever been the second place after doohan. waw! considering doohan was quite success back then. so it was a salute to biaggi. he finally stopped after his lost in 2005. he only got 5th position. at 2006 season, his position was filled by pedrosa, and he couldnt find any sponsor.

Biaggi was the first racer of 500cc that made me fall in like to this motogp thing. not because of his winning all the time like rossi did, not because of his handsome face, but because he struggle to conquer his fear. his not someone who has a big gut for me. but he fight against his fear. and it gave me a lesson. that even a success racer has fear to be conquer. so why would we cry cry like baby cry?

total Biaggi winning number is 42 times.

i heart valentino rossi.

fun fact

he’s Italian. start his firstly first of 125cc at 1996 (at the age of 17th bok!). it means rossi start 125cc while biaggi at 250cc about to 500cc. but 125cc wasnt the first race experience. he started racing by go-karts. hahaha…. and he started using 100cc at the age of 5. waw!

only 2 years each that rossi needed to went up both from 125cc to 250  and 250cc to 500cc. and i’st only take one season for rossi to familiarize all the stuff needed just to be the champion the second season.

at 2000, rossi went up to 250cc a ride with HONDA, and mentored by michael doohan at his first year of racing with Honda.

total of racing season that he attended, for me, rossi only lost 2 times, considering the other 3 times are the first year of 125cc, 250cc, and 500cc, and who doesnt? the 2 times are the 2006 and 2007. watta perfect history of racing.

about rossi moving from honda to yamaha,

rossi’s contract with Honda was up at the end of the year of 2003 and there were rumors that Rossi had become somewhat disappoint with his ride at Honda.

Rossi’s winning number is 100 till now.

i heart (x)sml

fun fact is

it’s biyan wanaatmadja’s. the things is i didnt know that it’s a great designer’s design. but i heart (x)sml cause it’s out of the box. but back then since it was only at GM sby, i have already like it but i cant afford it,  but know even more than just like it, still cant afford it sometimes.

the first store was at PS. now it is closed and moved to a bigger store at PI.

i heart writing

yesterday i was in this conversation of writing risk. i write anything. anything. fiction and nonfiction. what comes mind. suppose there’s an amandemen(what do u call it? i dont have any idea on law term) of the human’s right of writing, i would love to fight for it. cause  sooo many times writing is not just to write. but to be able to face the confrontations after people comment it.

like mine previous, someone who think it related to someone, express the comment so that i give answer. sooo many times these confrontations lead to tears. in my side of course. writing is other way of spending tears, so i’m not expecting more tears after. on behalf of too many tears, i now declare my self not to give a dang to the tears anymore. the heck.

i heart swimming

i love swimming very much. i could give you relaxation, plus the too-exausted-after-swimming feeling that makes you even feel more relax. i luv swimming sooo much.

for swimming, i dont like the battle. i only love the sport. even though i do battle. still i cant enjoy seeing the battle.

and for the sport, i have a proper knowledge. safety of swimming, how to swimming, the equipment.

one thing, i want to experience diving. diving, is quite different. though you know how to swim, it doesnt assure you to be able to dive. diving is more like physics application.

i heart basketball.

unlike swimming i heart seeing the battle more than to do the sport, though i like to play this game. but i’m not good, i even feel scare to penetrate a defence formation, but to shoot from outside i am not able to. but i wont give up that easy. i am now try to face my fear.

i love ibl very much. i started seeing it since i am in high school. it only took 5000IDR at the moment. but i have no idea about names of the players, or in which team they were, or even which team that good or not. i picked up one fave team, that was the opposite of my brother’s fave team. haha. but then i found out my fave team actually always at the second. it was satria muda if i’m not mistaken. and again, if i’m not mistaken i like raditya sesuatu that always use band. he’s such a dandy person for a player.

now the actually the season is still running. 😦 and i missed the game that was held in jakarta. 😦

and now, i practically know nothing about it. it was quite long after the last time i do enjoy the game and eat any info related. now, i know notihng about the player, the club, any gossip related, anything. and i’m to lazy to search anyfact about it. hiks.

it could be continued. 


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