diculik nasi cikini lanjut karaoke mlm boysband dan serakserak basah

it happened last nite.

listio dan listia hahahaha… i found the term last nite. mutia mutio, hahahaha… and listia listio.

since tio is a javanesse which spells sega with sego. sooo if listia/mutia had become listio’s wife, she will be pronouned listio or mutio. hahahaha…

back to listia and listio, last nite they asked me to join them seeing ice age. i didnt interest, so i said no. but they didnt just give up, they asked me to go eat supper. since only supper, i said ok. eeeeeeee… it turned to a kidnapping. they finally drove the car to kelapa gading. SEEEEEE???? it was a kidnapping… no body… i said NO BODY of setiabudiers will go to KELAPA GADING just for karaokee-ing, at nite, and in a middle of work days.

if only i had known, it was for karaokee-ing in the first place, instead of for eating, i will say waaay before, i’m afraid i will loose control and to much excited. and it will disturb tomorrow’s work. hahahaha. cuh.

but yeah. it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun. laugh and joy.


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