back to jakarta back to the book back to topaz

it was great having the emotional experience with the other team member. i luv it. the food was sooooo too much. hehehehe…

back to jakarta everything became real, and i have to be back to the book, reading again, talking about the book, if i want to have one for me, it is worth of IDR 405,000 so i decided to look for promo event or anything that could make it cheaper. and be whelmed with the borrowed one. thanks alot gus.

and back to the warung food. food that you cant be bored with. or musnt?

the fact i was bored with the news of MJ in the infotaintment. no no dont get me wrong, it’s not that i dont like MJ. i just dont like the way the infotaintment wrap the news. it’s just too much. and silly sometime.

last nite i had this friend visit. hehehehe… he took us (me,, and out. by ‘took’ i mean ‘forced’. and i slept late at nite.





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