leanne marshall

fall collection 2a1

i like leanne for the very first i saw her (not her collection). i liked the way she dress. episodes by episodes, i like her collections even more. 

all the pictures above i got from her site www.leanimal.com (sorry that i print-screened them , and cropped them, and rearranged, w/o permission. i did it only because i looooooooooooveeeeee your collection)

the 5th, i made it bigger to show you the fascinator i heart heart heart heart. to me this is the best fascinator i’ve ever seen.

the first, i like the red part. and the idea to put it like that. i think it is brilliant.

the second, i like the twisted color of black and white.

the 4th is the simplest but the second think that i want to have after the fascinator.

all of her collections, ME … LIKEY!



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