women and men

i quoted this from a friend’s status in fb, which i think she also quoted it from a book, which i dont know what. and last nite she mentioned it unpurposely.

” if you wanna be happy with a man, give him an inch and he will give you all his life”. by this sentence means if we (women) try to protect/to give boundaries to a man, the boundary will only intrigue any man to try escaping. but if we give them just a small-small space (an inch), they will appreciate it sooo much and give all his live to you.

the thing is we (some random women) think differently, which i guess it’s perhaps based on our failed relation experience. we think  if we (refer to some random women) give men an inch he will give me my whole life. got it? so we think if we give men space, we only end up alone again. men will leave us.

and of course, it will lead to another failed relation, unless they can bring all on the desk to discus to.

hyaahahahahahahaha… is it that worse? do we such an annoying and useless and bugging and bulying and barking creature?

GET OUT! no laaaaaa…

we actually men and women are the same each other. we need space, but not too spacey. we need to breathe, to bleed, to stop flying. to feel a lil distract. but not too distracted. we need to be away sometime, but at a particular time somebody has to be the wise one to pull the other back to the track, beautifully.

but still, even the one who knows the fact, still s/he sometime feel insecure to let go just an inch. good news, he loves you that he afraid to lose you. bad news, he cant trust you. what happen with your relationship? why you cant be trusted? you do things? or why he can’t trust you? is it because something in his head to be worked out?


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