Last nite was thrilled, was terrified, was FUN! i recommend this movie… the most fave scene was the second pic from the right (see the pic above).

there are 5 substories. 5 directors. that lead me to a conclusion, stay overnight at any of thailand’s part is  scary!

1. Novice by Paween Purijitpanya (Body, 4bia [tit for tat])

story of Pey, a scoundrel young man who incidentally kill his father to steel things from him and he deeply regret what he did. to kiss away the karma, he was sent by his mother to a temple to be a Monk. the story is begun at the temple, where a black salvation of the people is nearby. 

-upieksanupiek- it was bloodcurdling.

2.  Ward by Visute Poolvoralaks (work for Shutter, Alone, 4bia and coming soon)

it tells story of young man who is hospitalized due to an accident, and have to be in a room with a dying old man. indeed the black spirit of the mystery man is haunting him all nite. this story tells of a black  mafia in hospitals. hoohohohohoho…

-upieksanupiek- i’ve seen shutter the Hollywood version. I liked it. this submovie, I like the most(having said that the pic was the second from the left). I like the way it is made.

3. Backpackers by Songyos Sugmakanan (Dorm, Hormones)

there is this human traficking whereas the victims (a group) are forced to swallow a lot of drug in plastic bags. they are all dead by overdosed since the plastic bags are broken inside. and all the deads turn to become zombies.

-upieksanupiek- I actually like the idea of human traficking, the swallowing, and the overdosing story part. but i didnt like the idea of zombie. it wasnt scary but it is morelike action movie for me.

4. Salvage by Parkpoom Wongpoom (Shutter, Alone, 4BIA – Last Fright)

Nuch is a young woman who either work  or own a used a car bussiness. the bussiness is to remakeover and to rebuild the crashed broken (badly) cars which is sooo success that makes her having a big garage with a lot of cars. but it turns to a deep regret and loss of Nuch that each car is haunted by the spirits of the persons who died in each accident.

-upieksanupiek- i agreed with Putri Putri Melati Ali Baba that this was the most scarying. that i at the moment thought were I Nuch, I will scream and cry and dumbed to limp to nothing that i could do except sit or faint. gyahahahahaha. 

5. In the End by Banjong Pisanthanakun (Shutter, Alone, 4bia-In the Middle)

there are 4 “Alone” crews (Ter, Puak, Garas, and Aey) and the actors who are filming the last scene of the movie. One of the ghost actor is informed dead. All of the four and the main actress are making sure that the last scene is finished since this movie is the biggest obsession of the ghost actor.

-upieksanupiek- this part was the most brilliant part of the movie actually. the director/s makes it that way so we could get the fun of commedy and scary together and closing the movie that already spread our adrenaline, in a very nice twist.

the funny part of thailand horror movies is we could find a lot of matches similar faces of Indo’s celebrities. one day you could find your twin face plays. in phobia i found desta clubeighties, bams samson, andika “peace love and gaul”, sandra dewi.

and if the movie isnt good enough you could still have fun by playing “finding 5 matches faces” game.


One thought on “seyaaaaammmm

  1. lubangbisnis says:

    wah film nya ini ak belum liat .. bgs gak?

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