campus recruitment

hihihi… remembering few years ago, while i just graduated from ITS, person from the company asked me what was my plan my next five years. and typical with other grads that will answered “i’m going to be at your side today. visiting campus to recruit. i’ll be the one who will see grads as you see me now.”

and i did it. i made it. i was standing there in my company’s booth in ITB’s carreer expo (too bad i didnt get the chance in ITS, but it’s okay. i luuuv it anyway)  seeing grads as they saw me before. and i did a lil presentation. which i dont say that it was great, but at least i did the part i was amazed by, while i was still a job hunter.

overall it was amazing! it was soooo great to be part of the team. i had fun. the hard work was paid equally.


3 thoughts on “campus recruitment

  1. omikushi says:

    hooo… that’s great… sugoi ne…

    if i have a chance, i really like to do it to…
    but it kinda impossible for me…


  2. haris says:

    i wasn’t thought like you when i’m still fresh from the oven graduate..hehe

  3. flifro says:

    nyoba ngetes gravatarku kluar ga?

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