hujan, ginyo, dan kabar baik

i like it when it’s rain,

cause it wets you.

i like it when it’s rain,

cause you could cry and smile,

no one could ever tell the difference.

i like it when it’s rain,

cause it colds you down.

i like it when it’s rain,

the grass the flower the street look like busy.

i like it when it’s rain,

when you were next to me.

rain rain rain… go rain go. go away from me..


i always like rain. though my laundry is wety.

last nite it was raining. i speeded my motorcycle and went out. it wets me from top to toe. i felt sooo release. anyway. i feel happy. and last nite, i cried, smiled, and sang under the rain..

someone took me out for dinner last nite. at ginyo, tebet. in fact it was a birthday party of him. and there were his friends, who actually my juniors and wifes. the food was good, likey. but it wasnt friendly enough to my lips and stomagh. anyway i enjoyed the party. i gained gossips… hihihi… lil bit roaming cause they talked about their year’s friend. but it wasnt me if i cant follow their talking. hihihi… since they are with their wifey, i did a lil provocation, i throw exes topics. hihihihi… maap yah. hanya becanda.

we talked about ex-cul, talked about couples who are no longer couples, couples who are still couples. targets who are married, teachers, scandals, anything.  likey..

the best part was i got this news. a good news. there was a friend of mine. who was sooo closed to me. but i barely heard from him. he wasnt at facebook, nor friendster. his number also didnt work. he now, stays near to my boarding house. what a small world. and he got in to my junior’s boarding house while my junior off. it was a beauty coincidence. hihihi… and my mom suddenly called  at the middle of the talking…. just to tell me the same topics. waw!

this is what i like from jakarta. people gather here, eventually. hihihihi…






2 thoughts on “hujan, ginyo, dan kabar baik

  1. gHina says:

    Aku selalu bahagia
    Saat hujan turun
    Karna aku dapat mengenangmu
    Untukku sendiri

  2. Omikushi says:

    walah ke tebet gak ngajak2 nih mba Upie-ku sayang….

    Netral – Hujan Di Hatiku

    Dan hujan kembali turun membasahi rumahku
    Kulihat dari jemdela kamarku disaat mereka tiba
    Butiran air yang mengalir menetes dengan derasnya
    Menghampas keras diatas tanah mengalunkan irama
    Kawanan awan hitam dan gelap yang menbentang
    Di spanjang langit, bergulung-gulung menggumpal gumpal
    Menambah suram suasana
    Kilat dan petir menyambar-nyambar, menjilat merobek langit
    Gemuruh guntur yang menggelegar membuatku semakin luka
    Mengapa ini harus terjadi dan harus jua kuhadapi
    Kenyataan pahit yang menimpa diriku harus ke telan kembali
    Disini hujan di hatiku
    Dan hujan kembali turun membasahi rumahku
    Dan hujanpun jua turun. Membasahi hatiku
    Disini hujan didalam hatiku

    hujan emang membuat adem.. baik luar dalem… 🙂

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