banyak banget yg terjadi

lama gak nyentuh blog ini…

ada banyak banget yg terjadi sebenernya… banyak yg belum gw ceritain… tapi emg gak bs diceritain dalam satu postingan.

randomly, as following:

🙂 i’m starting to do a lil project on crocheting. i’m going to make a shawl. a giant cute pink-brown-futuristic-unstructured shawl, if i may say. it excites me. last weekend i was like only sitting, crocheting whilst seeing tv. sorry,not that i’m thinking that it will be wanted or something, but appthe shawl will not be sold.

🙂 i am also still working for my lil sewing project. this is the project for wedding souvenir.

🙂 tomorrow is the HEAP day. yay! i am VERY VERY VERY EXTREMELY TERRIBLY TERRIBLY HAPPY and excited for this. yay!

🙂 also i found a lot of new crafting blog. that inspired me, that made me more agitated.

🙂 i’m thinking to either: buy TV, or sell my mobile and buy a new one. how do you think?


2 thoughts on “banyak banget yg terjadi

  1. anak pipa says:

    LOL.. terribly terribly sorry..

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