any shoots do happen in live

there are bad shoot, also good shoot. bad shoot makes our live miserable, vulnerable, yet we could use them as a positive turning point. good shoot makes us happy, cheer, yet it also could bring us to the high. and if we are too high flying, we could be crashed to the ground badly.

theory say we should not mind the shoot. whether it is good or bad, should not attack our heart, we should continue living. we should keep our dignity and integrity. moslem has the concept of living for ibadah. working for ibadah, learning for ibadah. everything could be ibadah. the beauty of taking no grant to any shoot that come from any random. the beauty of continuing being professional for only minding ibadah and lillahi ta’ala…ikhlas. in any aspect of life.

this is hard. really hard. i barely could do it. like: almost of all times i am sad as a sad-lil-child, i cried as loud as girls (indeed i am), and i stop being ikhlas of what i am doing as if they care, just to make a revenge. yet i know i am being childish, and girlish. but still. i guess its just who i am and what my feelings are. and when it comes to the end of the day, what i do believe, Allah see any, innallaha ma’ana… within bad shoot, and good shoot.

be care of no shoot. be smiling. have no worry to any else than what Allah care. eventually, there are gonna be times that i will be ok. amiiin… ya Rab.


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