my weekend is too short.. how bout yours?

see.. this is what i hate (aside love) from long weekend. the longer the shorter it feels. by monday… or by the end of the weekend i still want another weekend. but only the weekend. not a whole week.

but enough whinning…:). people!

i did enjoyed my weekend. it was fun. i could say.. there was astari farewell. and i slept over there. help chopping2.

saw shrek the finale. it was sooo funny. i couldnt stop laughing. i bet they are ‘sakit jiwa’, the maker.

and there were asta’s friends who were very entertaining. hahahaha… recently it is hard find a single friend to be kept as closed friend who has the same sense of joking.

also the fact astari likes owl city as i hardly find people who like Adam Young’s shorta-band. we played ‘fireflies’ over and over and over again and sang along.

over all my short long-weekend was lovely. jej!


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