when i say “ngambek niii…”

there were a time, a funny time. when i fell in love with this person. a guy from mechanical. a guy from my past. i suddenly remember the time.

me: “ngambek ni…ngambek ni…”

he: “yo wes… silahkan.”

me: “loh? kalo aku bilang ngambek… kamu mustinya bilang…’u.. u.. u.. sayang…jangan marah dong’ biar mesra gitu loooo..”

he: “iya… trus kamu buang muka…aku narik tanganmu… trus nyanyi.. ‘tum pase aeee….'”


at that time, i was not even started to fall in love with him.


One thought on “when i say “ngambek niii…”

  1. omikushi says:

    jadi masih ngambek nih… hahahaha

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