how good your time is??

one said,

time will heal

another else said,

the same thing…

so i wait. for my time to come. time when my heart healed.

like walking through a dark tunnel..

walking and walking to the end

but nobody tells me that from start point to the end point feels like endless

like a limit of a function, always get closes to the end. but never reach it anyway.


one said

we need to create our own end

another one said

by giving a small crack of our heart

that ‘nur’ might come in

and we can see it as the end of the dark tunnel


one said

if i were you i wont be too happy

another said

cause there is no an eternal real end





2 thoughts on “how good your time is??

  1. rifqie says:

    yaelah, ga usah terlalu ngedengerin orang lain kali mbak upi lucuuuu

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