wishing you an extremely sweet holiday, people!

random facts from my holiday:

– entire days used to occupy me.

my hands might melt so hard, that turn the dry skin peeled off lil by lil… and it might power racked me. that i sleeps earlier. but then i’m feeling darn good! feel soooo useful. which i usually don’t.

– no culinary trip that i planned to have. my parents food, homemade, are more than just enough, it overs all outing eating.

– the infinity of the internet access. to admit my intention of having the internet access initially is to catch up the outsider world. to keep posted. and alhamdulillah… there are these sooooo genius, ingenious and generous scientist/whatsoever, who had given all the thoughts, time, energy, and even life to invented internet!

i had this plan to buy the system to get the internet access through my boarding room, beside my handphone of course. hahaha…

– the facts that i felt win a situation though I’m not standing on the 1st podium. that I feel I’m still the better and the best. i insisted over some facts that I am not the loser. just the matter of time to my turn come. i cannot tell you what it is now. latter, i will.

– meeting old friends. made my smile.

– having a totally weird discussion with my dad. which include nerve and loud voices, but yay! we finally at the same page, at least i felt that way! haha..

– and sooo many more. that really build my smile during the holidays. well, of course there are one two things that could ruin them, but thank God I could bear!


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